Ukraine Response

Ukraine Response

Learning resources tailored to support country offices and partners in the Ukraine refugee response

The Response Learning Hub presents a coordinated central catalogue of free learning resources tailored to build the knowledge and skillset for local actors to holistically respond to the Ukraine crisis. The resources are provided by DEC/UK Aid-funded Capacity Strengthening Task Force members, including Save the Children, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, RedR, International Medical Corps, PLAN International, and its partners.

The start of the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, exacerbated by nine years of conflict in the East of the country, left 19.3 million people affected by displacement.  

The humanitarian and civil society sectors in Ukraine and Eastern Europe were strong but disparate. Thus, the Inter-Agency Capacity Strengthening Task Force operates using a coordinated approach to ensure well-positioned support for the short-term needs of local volunteers and first responders.  

Alongside this, the Task Force aims to map and share learning needs and opportunities and provide learning, technical expertise, and development support. It forms a longer-term approach that supports locally emerging initiatives and drives the shift of the power of handling crises to those most affected and best placed to respond.