The most up-to-date and relevant learning resources to support our global humanitarian responses

When disaster strikes, we need to respond effectively to help the most vulnerable people. The Response Learning Hub is a coordinated central catalogue of relevant learning resources to support anyone responding to an emergency. If you are a volunteer, work in a local or national charity or work as a professional humanitarian staff, this resource learning hub will provide you with the most up to date learning and information on everything related to humanitarian responses and preparedness. 

When a disaster hits, people may be caught unprepared and humanitarians may lack the experience to respond effectively to that particular emergency, because every crisis is different. Those offering humanitarian assistance and supporting people affected by disaster will find learning that is relevant to varied contexts and emergencies.

The resources in this Hub cover knowledge and information that is relevant for the first 6 months of an emergency, and for preparedness in advance of emergencies, and will connect responders in the same context to learning networks and training opportunities. 

You navigate the site either by searching learning resources by topic or linking directly into the specific response you are part of.  There are many topics covering a wide range of subject areas needed in a response, such as child safeguarding, operational programming, humanitarian essentials, humanitarian principles, financial management, logistics, safety and security, education in emergency, management, MEAL, etc.).