<sup>EN</sup> Pakistan Flood Response 2022

EN Pakistan Flood Response 2022

Learning resources that are customized to needs of the response staff as well as partners

Pakistan has received unprecedented rain during this monsoon season, causing both riverine and flash floods across the country. One-third of the country’s land area is submerged by rain and floodwater. The Government of Pakistan has declared 81 districts to be ‘calamity hit’ and has requested urgent assistance from international community. The government also estimates that around 33 million people (including more than 11 million children) across the country are affected. More than 421,000 refugees living in calamity-declared districts are also affected or at risk.

Since 2010 and 2011 flooding in Pakistan, the humanitarian response capacity of Save the Children Pakistan deteriorated. The current scale of disaster and response requires substantial support to upskill staff capacity on many fronts from response management to operational, managerial and technical areas.